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Hi, my name is Matteo Ciannavei and I’m an App Developer! It’s my passion and, fortunately, my job. I like to think that anything about human life could be easier with the help of technologies, so I try my best to give my users the simplest way of living. Here’s a list of my creations, enjoy!


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Pros - Cons

Have you ever been forced to make a very difficult decision? Are you going to change your job and are you afraid to jump into the void? Or are you looking for the right time to declare yourself to the person you like?
Pros-Cons is a simple and functional app that helps you make the right decision for every dilemma you have: it does not make decisions for you, but it always helps you make the best decision.

Starter Pack

Are you a meme maker? Or have you just had an idea for a viral image? With Starter Pack Meme Creator you can create your memes in Starter Pack format, choosing images from the Gallery or your favorite apps. Also you can share your creations with your friends through Facebook, Telegram, Messenger, Whatsapp or any other social network or save them in your photo collection. Just choose 4 images and a good title.


Freestyle Meme Creator

Today memes have become an integral part of the web, and there are numerous apps to create new ones.
Freestyle Meme Creator allows a very high level of flexibility in the creation of memes. In fact, not only is it possible to choose between two types of formats, but it is possible to customize every single format. Another peculiarity of the app is that it already has dozens of template images available.

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Philosophy Phrases Every Day

Do you have a passion for the philosophy and do you love quotes? Then this application is perfect for you!
The App provides you with quotes about the great philosophers of the classical and the modern age, extremely accurate.
Also, every day the application offers you a new quote, available from the home page of the app.

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