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Pros - Cons

Pros-Cons: have you ever faced a very difficult decision? Are you planning to change your job and you are afraid of taking a leap of faith? Or are you looking for the right time to declare yourself to the person you like? The only rule, in these cases, is to never make hasty decisions, but to reflect on them, analyzing what are the advantages and the disadvantages.

Pros-Cons is a simple and functional app that helps you make the right decision for every dilemma: it doesn’t make decisions for you, but always helps you make the best decision. Within the app you will be able to add decisions that you would like to make. Next, for each decision, you can add a list of advantages and a list of disadvantages. Each point, advantage or disadvantage, will have a weight (ranging from 1 to 5), which will help the app to give you the most appropriate suggestion. Once all the advantages and disadvantages have been added, the application will analyze the points you entered to suggest whether or not to make the decision.

Another peculiarity of this application is sharing: each decision can be shared via any instant messaging platform or can be saved as a PDF to be printed later.

Now you can create a collaborative decision and you can share it via link with your favorite messaging app or on your social page! Users can eventually download the app and join in your decision, adding pros and cons. Make your first right decision now and download Pros-Cons!

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